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‘Everyone is an Entrepreneur’ – Melvin Mayard

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Entrepreneur Education

Entrepreneur Education is a private organised learning process based on the concept that everyone is an entrepreneur. However, no one may qualify by mere self-testament; there is a need for education and action. Organised learning is a necessity, is made suitable for any person, and raises standard and demand capability, encouraging sustainable competitive advantage in the future.

Education is in need of organising so the learner can effectively comprehend and benefit from it. ‘Entrepreneur Education’ is a learning process organise to share a transparent vision that gives the entrepreneur a clear sense of direction and serves as a motivating force to achieve individual goals.
The Entrepreneur Education process consists of several FREE Webinar video Series follows by several paid webinars. In brief, is the following,
1. Personal Development Training (Two parts Body and Mind webinars)
2. Business Entrepreneurs Training (Basic, Intermediate & Advance Webinars)
3. Property Entrepreneurs Training (Avoid the Property Pitfall Webinars)
4. Online Entrepreneurs Training (Bronze, Silver & Gold online training)
5. Religious Business Training (Scriptural base business principle)
6. Young entrepreneurs Training (16 -19 years to start in business)
7. Spiritual Training (only for scripturally sound Christians, raising money for charity)

How can we best serve you?

Achieve your goals

The FREE training and webinar ‘series’ serves you to succeed with your goals. Closely examining the underlying characteristics, highlighting the fundamental elements to help the learner progress unto entrepreneurship.

Several dimensions are essential for the transformation of the entrepreneur to eventually demonstrate entrepreneurial traits such as the following;
⦁ Attitude (positive)
⦁ Behaviour (show determination)
⦁ Consciousness
⦁ Desire to set a high standard
⦁ Endure the journey
⦁ Faith to face challenges
⦁ Goal setting
⦁ Habit completing routines
⦁ Imagination and creativity
⦁ Just do it, do not procrastinate
⦁ Keeping it simple
⦁ Lead with passion
⦁ Motivation and momentum
⦁ Never give up
⦁ Organise your time
⦁ Plan the day, week and month
⦁ Question everything etc.
Learning by reading, audio training, online courses and webinars are without question the right way forward. Many are trying to save time and money, desperate to cut the journey shorter, is yet the prominent formula for failures. Lack of patience will accomplish nothing patience is indeed a virtue worthy of the masters.
Success has a price. The only question is, will you pay for it?




Everything has a price, a price that none of us likes. The price of pain, ‘no pain no gain’. Nothing will come without experiencing the pain of labour to give birth to the ideas, the success by learning.


Endurance goes without saying starting something everyone has the ability but finish the course is another story. Whilst experiencing the journey despite any number of setbacks, it’s never a failure, only when one gives up. So, don’t give up.


Asking is freedom, the choice to choose to ask. Ask it shall be given unto you the opposite is also true. First, ask for all that is free, this would help you to start your entrepreneurial journey, to discover for free what it is that you want to do. Then, purchase the specialised knowledge and training webinars for success. We have plenty of FREE materials, help yourself.


An entrepreneur must take risks, a calculated risk that is there should be no guesswork. It is your responsibility to obtain all the basic knowledge in all areas necessary for success. Ignorance is no excuse entrepreneurship demands wisdom. The ignorance of risk is a pitfall to the entrepreneur who purposely seeks to avoid the subject of finance, marketing, social media and online customer service etc.


Learning is the process by which we obtain knowledge to rule with great wisdom over our enterprise successfully. Probable success is experienced by almost everyone, firing hope with a five minutes victory only to experience a very long hard winter of no substances. The only way out is knowledge, which has always been and will always be the answer. Learn from all the free and paid training courses and webinars.


There are only 24 hours in a day and more, so something has to give way when there are far too many things to achieve. The sorting requires the process of sacrifices because there will be certain matters of great interest you would wish to be on your to-do list that has to be a sacrifice to stay focus on the main priorities. Such is life. Get used to it now rather than later, else it could cost you time, love and patience that could bring about doom’s day for the entrepreneur business.


There are lots to learn, don’t waste time debating what to start learning. What should you study when you don’t know what you want to learn? It’s a riddle many can solve. Too many questions can confuse a creative person whilst still in the entrepreneurial embryo stage. The answer is, the process of learning how to set your goals would force you to discover what you need to do, then you’ll know what to learn. The secret is in ‘the action’.
More details of the P.E.A.R.L.S principle is taught in our FREE webinars ensure to take advantage to register.

Everybody is an entrepreneur

People learn better together whilst all the activity does not need to be in this setting. Individual learning requires a greater sense of responsibility, designed to have the person think and act, soon with an entrepreneur team of your own. The webinars are an excellent way to start one’s entrepreneurial learning with details as above in the eight boxes displaying various options and suitability to your learning and budget.


Our vision is to teach entrepreneurs of the future, organising ‘Entrepreneur Education’ by making it;
⦁ Simple to understand
⦁ Easy to enjoy
⦁ Accessible to all entrepreneurs worldwide
What is your vision for your business? Keep your vision statement short and very clear for you to remember it with greater emphasis for your team to learn and apply it. A complex vision statement means no one would be able to live it and would be obsolete. It should outline the purpose of your business, what you expect to achieve, and how you would help consumers in the long run?


Our mission is to provide free entrepreneurial education and support in as many of the webinar series for FREE before providing specialised paid webinars to educate and train entrepreneurs.
Learn what it means to be on a mission? It’s all very well having a goal, but if one is not on a mission to accomplish it, the result is like parking a brand-new Ferrari in the woods and hoping it will come alive, transform to present itself to you. Sounds silly; unfortunately, that is what 99% of so-called entrepreneurs are doing.
We encourage you first to sign up for the FREE webinar series BEFORE making any purchases, learned as much as possible, exceed your expectation.
Feel the benefit, specialised your knowledge to build your entrepreneurial business. Browse our selections of FREE ebooks prepare and develop your mind ready for success then join our paid webinars.


Everyone’s strategy is different, yet many fake gurus often teach that you could have other experts write a strategic plan for you! No one knows someone else mind; that is why you must learn to express your vision and mission statement. With time make the necessary improvements until it is evident you could achieve your purpose. Melvin Mayard Laws of Entrepreneurs No.3 state, do not abdicate your responsibilities. One must not delegate or out-source critical business development steps; doing so would only increase the risk of failure. The Business Entrepreneurs Training Webinar covers many business principles and concepts.
We encourage you to get into the habit of reading ebooks and seeking out strategies, make a plan to execute them. Download our FREE Apps to receive FREE ebooks and notifications of our FREE webinar training. Sign up for the FREE webinars, watch, learn and do the exercise to maximise the benefit. When you are ready to learn specific and seek specialised knowledge to build your entrepreneurial business, purchase the appropriate training to catapult forward.

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